Nice Carvings FAQ

  • Pricing

    We are at roughly $100 through $350 per sq. ft. for 3D signs.   Please use the quote form for accurate price estimate, because really every job is different.

  • Installation

    We install signs nationwide, we also help with self installations by embedding easy to use hardware for signs and letters.

    Installing our signs or letters is easy!

    We typically embed hanging hardware inside the sign, or attach studs to free standing letters. We will create a paper template for letter hanging.

    Check out this video for letter installation.

  • Delivery

    We deliver signs and letters worldwide!

  • Design

    While we will occasionally layout signs and logos, we prefer to have the artwork ready. Please deliver artwork in the best resolution possbile including .pdf, .ai, .eps, .png, .jpg

  • Warranty

    Sign Arts Products, Corp warrants that the material Sign•Foam will perform as advertised, for a period of not less than ten (10) years. Sign Arts Products assumes no responsibility for design, engineering workmanship, or other material used in conjunction with Sign•Foam

  • Materials

    We use only the best materials available (and we're not just pretending about that)!

    High Density Urethane (HDU) Sign Foam 4 Brochure

    PVC Lasts a very longtime outdoors and holds exterior acrylic top coats well


    Any Domestic or Exotic Wood Species
    Sherwin Williams Resilience

    MAS Epoxies for Adhesion