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First Impression - 3D SIGNS!

There's only one chance to make a good impression. As a business working toward establishing solid corporate branding, it's important that the first impression you make be the one that will draw potential customers to you and, eventually, convert them to loyal customers. Although the products, services and customer satisfaction you provide in your business are important to maintaining good customer relations, starting off on the right foot with the best possible impression creates a solid foundation for future business.

Many factors go into creating a good first impression. The custom-made sign that greets customers when they approach your business is an important aspect of your corporate branding and also helps set the tone for your customers' experience once they walk through the doors. Here are some of the ways your business's sign helps you achieve your corporate branding goals and contributes toward the best possible first impression.

  • Build Recognition. Over time, people begin to associate your business, products and services with the signs used on the storefront and throughout the store. Create the best impression from the start with the use of professionally-made signs. Before you have your sign made, consult with your team about the image you want to convey so you can make sure your sign helps you achieve those goals.
  • Introduce Attitude & Atmosphere. The decor your customers see on the outside of your store sets the expectation for what they will see once they walk through the doors. Items, such as signage, used to help create the first impression should be aligned with the attitude and atmosphere you want customers to experience inside your business. Use storefront decor and signage to display funkiness if that's what your business is all about, or make it soothing in appearance if you want customers to feel relaxed. Even though your business's exterior is just an extension of the products or services you offer, it's the part of the business customers experience first.
  • Demonstrate Your Professionalism. A custom-made, professional-looking sign makes people feel secure about doing business with you because of the professionalism it conveys. There are so many different aspects of a business that contribute toward its professionalism that the storefront is easy to overlook. But, because the appearance of your business's storefront is part of your corporate branding and the first impression you make on customers, it's critical to include its appearance in your efforts.
  • Be Taken Seriously. Many start-ups try to save money by cutting corners. While this is understandable, cutting the wrong corners can cost you business and a good first impression. Custom-made signs give your business a professional look that tells customers you're serious about providing them with high quality service and an excellent experience. The appearance of your business does more than just make it look nice; it tells customers you've made a commitment to providing them with the level of service and professionalism they desire. In turn, this helps you build customer loyalty, while increasing your bottom line.

Although it is possible to recover from less-than-perfect first impressions and go on to establish a good customer relationship, your business-building efforts are better served by getting it right the first time. An effective, attractive custom-made sign does more than help customers identify your place of business; it also contributes toward your corporate branding in a way that makes customers remember you each time they see wording and images similar to those on your storefront's signs. Consider the professionals you work with to create your signage as partners in helping you build the recognition and success you want for your business.